3-year-old girl fired gun in US, killed 4-year-old sister

Gun Firing In US: A heart-wrenching incident has happened in the US state of Texas. Here a 3-year-old girl opened fire with a gun in her hand. Due to which his 4 year old sister lost her life. There was uproar after the incident. Everyone was stunned.

People could not believe this incident. On the other hand, the family members of the girl have accepted that the bullet was fired by the girl. According to CNN’s report, the incident happened unintentionally. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said he has been told the shot was fired by a 3-year-old girl and was unintentional. Now the police will start investigating the incident, after which necessary action will be taken in this matter.

Relatives left the girls alone in the Houston apartment
Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said, “The girl was fatally wounded when she was shot. This is a very “tragic” incident. This should not have happened.” He said it has just been learned that the girl’s family and a group of their friends, including five adults and two girls, were roaming inside the Houston apartment on Sunday. The girls were left in the rest-room, their parents thought someone would be there with them. At the same time, the girl caught hold of a loaded semi-automatic pistol.

The relatives came to know about this only when they heard the sound of firing. The family rushed to the room, where they found the 4-year-old girl lying unconscious on the floor.

Increase in shooting incidents in America
Incidents of children shooting have happened in America before. Actually, it is a law in America that every citizen here can keep a gun. That’s why there are many guns in the houses here. When a loaded gun or pistol gets in the hands of children, unfortunately the bullet goes off. Many have lost their lives in this way. Everyday people are losing their lives in firing somewhere or the other here. That’s why the American gun law has now become a cause of concern for the American government itself.

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