A few hours passed after Bhagyashree became a mother, 1 woman reached the hospital to provoke her husband, said, ‘With Salman Khan…’

Bhagyashree Life: After years, when Bhagyashree appeared in the film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ with Salman Khan, the happiness of the fans knew no bounds. He was first seen in the film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, although Bhagyashree distanced himself from Bollywood after the film’s release. She was married to boyfriend Himalaya Dasani. When Bhagyashree became a mother for the first time, such an incident happened to her which made her very scared. Somewhere the reason for being away from the film industry was that fear and incident, which she can never forget.


New Delhi: Bhagyashree became an overnight star with her debut film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. Her chemistry with Salman Khan won the hearts of the audience as well as the critics. The film was a super hit, but the actress left Bollywood surprising everyone. Bhagyashree completely distanced herself from films after an incident that happened a few hours after the birth of her son Abhimanyu Dasani. (Photo Credits: Instagram@myki.ndofmusic328@bhagyashree.online)


Bhagyashree was admitted in the hospital. A reporter came to her room to congratulate her on becoming a mother and started asking provocative questions to her husband Himalaya Dasani. After this incident, he distanced himself from the film industry and stopped ordering film magazines at home. Siddharth Kanan asked Bhagyashree about those old days when rumors used to abound about film stars. The actress then explained in detail about this scary incident. (Photo Credits: Instagram@bhagyashree.online)


Bhagyashree recalled, ‘I had just given birth to Abhimanyu and my close friends were sitting outside the room. A press reporter came with a big bouquet and expressed her desire to meet me. She came inside and looked at Himalaya and said, ‘What do you think about Bhagyashree’s affair with Salman Khan and now you have a child with him too.’ (Photo Credits: Instagram@salman.khan.universe)


54-year-old Bhagyashree further says, ‘No one has ever said this in my life. Salman Khan always behaved like a gentleman during the making of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. There was nothing between us, no one ever said that. This thing happened the very next day after the birth of the son. I was amazed to think how badly people can treat each other. I got very upset by this. I stopped reading film magazines. Film magazines stopped coming at home. I decided to go away from the film world. (Photo Credits: Instagram@myki.ndofmusic328)


Bhagyashree made her debut in the 1989 film Maine Pyar Kiya, soon after which she decided to settle down with school friend Himalaya Dasani. Today the couple has two children. Son’s name is Abhimanyu Dasani and daughter’s name is Avantika Dasani. Both children are working in films. (Photo Credits: Instagram@bhagyashree.online)


Bhagyashree has worked with Salman Khan in his film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’. The actress told that Salman personally called Himalaya and Abhimanyu and asked them to do a cameo in his film. Please tell that 57-year-old Salman Khan will next be seen in the film ‘Tiger 3’. (Photo Credits: Instagram@bhagyashree.online)


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