Actress Bhumi fell in love with ‘Son Chidiya’ during the shooting, the strings of both are still connected

Report: Akash Gaur

Morena: You must have seen the film Son Chidiya released in 2019. In this film made on the dacoits of Chambal, the child artist who plays Son Chidiya is a resident of Morena. In the year 2017, Khushiya Nagar was selected for the film Sonchidiya. Today, after so many years, we tell you what are the changes in the life of Son Chidiya i.e. Khushiya.

When Khushiyan Nagar was selected for the film Son Chidiya in the year 2017, she was only 9 years old. This girl from a poor family is a resident of Gobra Colony, village of Morena. Presently she is living in Abhyudaya Ashram in Morena and studying in Academic High School. Presently she is a student of class VI and now she is 14 years old.

While working in the film, Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar fell in love with Son Chidiya i.e. Khushiya and considering her poverty, actress Bhumi Pednekar took care of her studies. Even today Bhoomi is helping Khushiya financially.

Son Chiraiya remembers actor Sushant Singh Rajput
Son Chidiya’s family has two brothers and two sisters apart from parents, of whom Khushiya is the third. Khushiya’s father’s name is Anar Singh Nagar and he lives in the village itself. Actor himself. Remembering Sushant Singh Rajput, Khushiya says that she misses Sushant Bhaiya a lot. He used to take care of me very well. Bhumi Didi and Sushant Bhaiya called me to Mumbai to meet and kept me with them for many days. He loved me very much.

Bhoomi Didi talks online
Khushiya told that Bhumi Didi’s video call comes to her every Sunday and she talks to Didi online. Son Chidiya told that Bhumi Didi is teaching him. Apart from laptop, books and clothes, if anything is needed, she fulfills it.

This is how the film was selected
For the character of Son Chidiya, a girl was needed who was a village girl and looked innocent as well as being dusky. For this, 20 to 25 girls were auditioned, in which Khushiya was selected. Khushiya Nagar told that if I get more films in future, I would like to do more films with her with the help of Didi.

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