America is ready to welcome PM Modi, who can have state dinner with Biden in June

State Dinner In June: America, the world’s largest super power, has once again started making preparations to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to a Bloomberg report, US President Joe Biden wants to send an invitation to PM Narendra Modi for the state dinner in June this year. It is being told that for this the plan is being finalized in the White House. It has also been said in the report that there may be some change in the timing of the state dinner.

However, the spokesperson of the National Security Council has refused to give any official statement in this regard. The state dinner event is seen as a showcase of the growing US-India relationship to promote the administration’s policies and initiatives for a free Indo-Pacific region as well as China as a growing threat in the region. Can also be seen in

India’s strength will also be seen in G20 event

In September this year, the G20 Summit is to be organized by India in New Delhi. The main topic of discussion in this program will be Russia’s attack on Ukraine. It is not yet clear whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the meeting or not. At the same time, Joe Biden will also be PM during the Quad Summit to be held in May. Narendra Modi Very much looking forward to meeting you. This meeting is to be held in Australia, where there will be talks between the equivalent leaders of Australia and Japan.

Macron and Suk-yeol have joined the dinner party

The US President’s dinner party with PM Modi will be the third official visit and state dinner. Earlier in December last year, there was a state dinner program with French President Emmanuel Macron and South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yol in April. Last month, America and India took an initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies. In which it was proposed that there would be an exchange of advanced defense and computer technology with the aircraft engine of the General Electric Company.

India has not been as vocal on Vladimir Putin regarding Russia’s attack on Ukraine as America and its allies want. It is believed that the sharing of these essential technologies can play an important role in countering Russia’s influence in India along with reducing New Delhi’s historical dependence on Moscow for military hardware and reducing China’s increasing assertiveness. There is a demand from the leaders of both the political parties of America that relations with PM Modi should be strengthened.

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