America: There was a fight at home, the child called 911 and asked for help, the policeman shot him

Mississippi. A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in the US state of Mississippi, where a policeman shot an 11-year-old boy. The minor had called 911 and sought help from the police. After this the police officer reached the given address and shot. The minor was seriously injured due to the bullet. After this he was hurriedly taken to the hospital. Where his treatment is going on. It is being told that now the victim boy is out of danger.

The boy has been identified as Adrian Murry. The relatives of the victim boy have demanded the dismissal of the accused police officer. The boy’s mother, Nakala Muri, told CNN, “Adrian was shot in the chest by an officer with the Indianola Police Department on Saturday morning after the officer arrived at the boy’s home to a domestic disturbance call.” The child’s mother, Nakala Murree, said that an officer from the Indianola Police Department came to the home after the child called the police for a domestic incident.

The woman told that her husband got angry at home around 4 am and started quarreling. During this his son and nephew were sleeping. Then he gave the mobile phone to his son and asked to call the grandmother and the police. During this, Adrian first called the police and informed about the domestic dispute. After this the police officer reached outside the house. He first knocked on the door and then kicked and broke the door.

During this, he shouted from outside that whoever is inside the house, all the people should come out. After this, as soon as Adrian reached the living room, the police officer shot him. During this, he did not understand what happened. The minor was covered in blood and was rushed to the hospital. The relatives of the victim have demanded the release of CCTV footage.

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