Ankush Raja Video: This banging song of Ankush Raja is creating ruckus on the internet, see the actor stuck after getting married

Bhojpuri’s well-known actor and singer Ankush Raja (Ankush Raja) is known for his performance as well as singing. He has become the star of the music industry at a young age. In such a situation, now his new video song is creating a ruckus on YouTube. The lyrics of the song are ‘Sautiniya Picha Paral Biya’. In this, actress Saumya Pandey has performed with her, who is showing amazing dance moves. His style and moves are being made on seeing.

Ankush Raja’s song (Ankush Raja Bhojpuri Song) ‘Sautiniya Pecha Paral Biya’ (Sautiniya Picha Padal Biya) has been released by the YouTube channel of Shimaru Bhojpuri song. It is seen that the actor is stuck between two beauties. In this, actress Saumya Pandey is seen in the role of his wife, who is showing great dance moves and is seen working the magic of her style. It can be seen in the video that he is upset with his wife. She complains about this to her husband i.e. Ankush Raja. Meanwhile, she dances fiercely and is forcing everyone to dance with her flexible waist. People are liking to watch the video of the song again and again. The video has got more than three lakh views in no time. If its figures continue to grow in this way, then it would not be wrong to say that it is soon going to cross the mark of one million views.

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The song ‘Sautiniya Picha Paral Biya’ (Sautiniya Picha Padal Biya) has been decorated by Ankush Raja with his excellent singing. Its lyrics are written by Prince Priyadarshi and composer-music is given by Priyanshu Singh. While the video has been shot on Saumya along with Ankush, it has a guest appearance by Surbhi. Choreographer is Lucky Vishwakarma. Shimaru has produced the song. Let us tell you that recently Ankush Raja shared a post on social media. In this, he shared information that his song ‘Humke Dulhin Banals’ has been viewed more than 250 million times. This video of him is going viral. His happiness knew no bounds after sharing this information.

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