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New Delhi: Oscars are now being discussed everywhere in the country and the world. As we all know, India’s stunner in this year’s 95th Oscar Awards ceremony, due to which India has once again come into limelight globally. Natu-Natu in the film RRR and the documentary film The Elephant Whispers created history by winning Oscars. These award winners are being appreciated all over the world even today. Every Indian is feeling proud on this victory. Meanwhile, an interview of AR Rahman, who has won two Oscars, is very much discussed at the moment. In this, he has made a big statement about sending Indian films to Oscars. Let us know what he has said…

Rahman’s interview is in discussion

In fact, the interview of AR Rahman, who has won two Oscars these days, is in discussion at the moment. In this, he has made a big statement about sending Indian films to Oscars. Now AR Rahman’s interview is becoming increasingly viral. He has made many comments about music, as well as made a big statement about the films being selected for the Oscars in this interview.

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Rahman’s comments on music

In this now increasingly viral interview, L Subramaniam asks AR Rahman how he changed the old way of making music with multiple musicians and an orchestra. Rahman said, ‘It is because of the development of technology. Earlier there used to be only eight tracks for a film, but I came from a jingle background, so I had 16 tracks and I could do a lot with it.

Films selected for Oscars.

He further added that, ‘Orchestras were expensive in those days, but all the big instruments got smaller. This gave me plenty of time to experiment and be successful. No one knows my failures, people have only seen my successes, because it all happened in the studio. My studio gave me that freedom. Regarding the films selected for the Oscars, AR Rahman said, ‘Sometimes I see that our films go to the Oscars, but do not get the award.’

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‘Choosing the wrong films for the Oscars’

Talking in this interview, he further said, ‘Wrong films are being sent for Oscars. I think this should not be done at all. We must think from the point of view of the other person. To see what is happening here, I have to think like western countries. Rahman has said in this interview that ‘we should stay at our place and think in our own way’. It has come to know about this video that this interview is not of today but old i.e. of the month of January which is now in discussion.

old video now viral

Let us tell you that S.S. This video of AR Rahman has been shared a few days after Rajamouli’s RRR’s Telugu song Naatu Naatu won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Notably, composer Rahman won an Oscar in the same category in 2009 for the song Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire. At present, this statement of AR Rahman is very much discussed.

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