Ashish Vidyarthi 2nd Wedding | On the second marriage of Ashish Vidyarthi, the first wife gave best wishes, said- ‘You deserve happiness’. Navabharat (New India)

Mumbai: Famous actor Ashish Vidyarti surprised everyone by marrying Kolkata based businesswoman Rupali Baruah at the age of 60. After this news came to the fore, he is getting different reactions from the people. The reaction of his first wife Rajoshi Varua also came to the fore regarding this marriage, in which he has also expressed his condition while giving his best wishes to this couple. Sharing the post on social media, Rajoshi Barua wrote, ‘Right The person won’t ask you questions about why you matter to them, they’ll do what they know will hurt you. Remember this.’

After this Rajoshi shared another post in which he wrote, ‘May overthinking and doubt have gone out of your mind, may clarity have replaced confusion, may peace and patience Fill your life You have been strong for a long time and now it is time to be blessed. Because you deserve it.

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Although Ashish Vidyarti deleted both these posts from his account, but even before that these posts went viral. People are showing sympathy towards Rajoshi Baruah. Please inform that Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajoshi also have a 23 year old son, whose name is Vidyarthi.

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