Avatar 2: Fans are surprised to see the hard work and imagination of the actors-makers in making the film! amazing bts video

Avatar: The Way of Water BTS: James Cameron has done amazing experiments to make this year’s most awaited film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. For filming the scene under water, James has done what has never been done before. The motion picture cinematography is such that the audience is watching with bated breath. A glimpse of how the makers have saved to shoot the film ‘Avatar: The Way of It’ with a budget of $ 400 million has come to the fore. Seeing which you will also be surprised.

Actually, the BTS performance of ‘Avatar 2’ has been captured and shared on Academy’s Instagram. In this, fans are stunned to see James Cameron’s hard work to bring every scene on the screen. By watching this BTS video, you can guess how much hard work and preparation has been done for the shooting of this film. Perhaps this is the reason why it took 13 years for the sequel of ‘Avatar’ to arrive.

This is how the creatures of the imaginary planet and the world of the sea became
Inside the sea, the set has been prepared taking amazing support of imagination to show the creatures of the imaginary planet. Cameron has used modern motion picture technology to film the facial expressions of his actors. Not only this, the actors have practiced speaking dialogues while holding their breath for a few minutes under water. After watching this BTS video and film, people are calling it mind blowing to Cameron as a genius.

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