Bambiha gang’s threat to Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar, ‘The day our hands will come…’

Punjab News: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi Jahan is in headlines after the interview given to ABP News. Same once Punjab gangsters have come face to face. Bambiha Group has once again increased the controversy by putting a post on social media. This time gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar, the masterminds of the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala, have been threatened by Bambiha Group. Apart from this, it has also been claimed in this post that who is claiming that Khalistan should not be formed.

Bambiha Group’s Lawrence Bishnoi threatened
Bambiha Group has further written on the social media post that Lawrence Bishnoi can only talk in jail. But really don’t have the guts to come out and mess with him. The same has been said about Goldie Brar that he is only becoming a villain. He could not even avenge his brother’s death. He considers himself Dawood. It is further written in the post that Lawrence Bishnoi, you also know how scoundrel you are, when Vicky Gonder was alive, you were afraid to even leave the house. Now you are showing yourself as a big rascal. Regarding Lawrence Bishnoi, it was further said on behalf of Bambiha Group that the day Lawrence Bishnoi comes into our hands, either God knows what will happen, or we will do it. It was further written in the social media post that don’t talk about others, it is going to be very difficult for you.

Case increased after Goindwal jail massacre
Two gangsters accused of the Sidhu Moosewala murder case were murdered in Goindwal Central Jail. Whose responsibility was taken by gangster Goldie Brar. Goldie Brar wrote on Facebook that the Lawrence gang takes responsibility for the murder of Mohana Mansa and Mandeep Toofan in Goindwal Jail. After the Goindwal jail massacre, the enmity between the Bambiha group and the Lawrence Bishnoi gang is increasing.

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