Bangladesh Audiences Watch The First Indian Movie In 50 Years With The Release Of ‘Pathan’

New Delhi: ‘Pathaan’, starring Shah Rukh Khan, was the first Bollywood film to be shown in Bangladesh in more than half a century. Since Bangladesh’s independence in 1971, this film is the first to have a wide theatrical distribution there. On May 12, ‘Pathaan’ premiered in 41 theaters throughout Bangladesh and the movie tickets were sold out in many theaters before it was even released. On Friday, thousands of people came to theaters in Dhaka to see it.

When two Bollywood successes, ‘Wanted’ and ‘The Three Idiots,’ were shown in 2015 in an effort to reverse the ban on Indian films, protests by local cinema stars cease the theatres.

Last month, the government finally issued a decree that lets people bring in 10 films a year from India or other South Asian countries.

Mohammed Iftekharuddin, who owns the Modhumita theater and was once head of the Bangladesh Motion Picture Exhibitors Association, hopes that now the business will improve. As quoted by AFP, he said, “I think 200-300 more cinema halls will reopen after this.”

However, some Bangladeshi filmmakers are so worried about the industry’s potential destruction that they’ve threatened to wear white shrouds as a form of protest.

Yash Raj Films’ Vice President of International Distribution Nelson D’Souza said in a statement, “Cinema has always been a unifying force between nations, races, and cultures. It transcends borders, galvanizes people, and plays a significant hand in bringing people together. We are incredibly thrilled that Pathaan, which has done historic business worldwide, will now get a chance to entertain audiences in Bangladesh.”

The Shah Rukh Khan fan group uploaded a video of moviegoers dancing to ‘Jhoome Jo Pathan’.

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