Big upset in Swar and Chhanbe, Akhilesh Yadav or Anupriya Patel, who got shocked

UP Politics: The trends of the results of the by-elections in Swar and Chanbe assembly seats are coming. There has been a big reversal in the initial trend. There are Samajwadi Party candidates on both the seats here. The close fight between Apna Dal and SP continues in the UP by-elections. SP’s Kirti Kol is ahead by 3146 votes in Mirzapur’s Chanbe assembly by-election. On the other hand, Apna Dal candidate Shafiq Ahmed Ansari is ahead by 403 votes in Rampur Swar assembly by-election. Ahmed Ansari of Apna Dal Shafiq has so far got 21,481 votes and SP candidate Anuradha Chauhan has got 21, 078 votes. However, there is not much difference between SP and Apna Dal S in Swar.

It is a matter of fact that SP had tried to kill two birds with one stone from Swar seat. The SP played the women’s card along with harnessing the Hindu vote bank. SP had nominated Anuradha Chauhan from this seat. Whereas Apna Dal has given ticket to Sharif Ahmed Ansari who comes from Pasmanda community. Earlier in 2017 and also in the 2022 assembly elections, Apna Dal had won the Chanbe seat of Mirzapur.

This time Apna Dal has fielded Rinki Kol, wife of late Rahul Kol, while SP has fielded Kirti Kol. Please tell that Rinki Kol is the daughter-in-law of MP Pakori Lal Kol. Kirti Kaul’s father Bhailal Kaul has also been an MLA from Chanbe. Apna Dal President and Union Minister of State Anupriya Patel is considered to be dominant in Mirzapur.

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