BJP’s defeat in former CM Kalyan Singh’s stronghold Atrauli, SP made a dent in ‘Babuji’ fort

UP Nagar Nikay Election Results 2023: The BJP may have created history by capturing the Municipal Corporation seat in UP’s Aligarh, but former UP CM and veteran BJP leader Kalyan Singh has faced defeat in Atrauli. The surprising thing is that Sandeep Singh, the grandson of Basic Education Minister and Kalyan Singh himself is the MLA from Atrauli, but he too could not make his candidate win. SP candidate Virendra Singh Lodhi has defeated BJP candidate and outgoing chairman Pawan Verma on this seat.

The reputation of not only Kalyan Singh but Sandeep Singh and his father Etah MP Rajveer Singh was also at stake in Aligarh’s Atrauli Municipality seat. However, leaving aside his popularity, the public has expressed faith in the SP candidate. Many types of discussions are happening regarding the defeat of BJP, but the biggest reason here is the division of votes of Lodhi Samja. Because Lodhi Samaj has more vote bank in Atrauli and SP has got Muslim vote bank along with Lodhi vote bank in this election.

BJP did not find the way of ‘welfare’ in Atrauli

Let us tell you that after the death of former CM Kalyan Singh, it was the first body election and BJP had the dream of chairing the municipality president for the second time in Atrauli. However, due to the fragmentation of the vote bank of the Lodhi community, the BJP could not win. The surprising thing is that out of five candidates on this seat, four were from the Lodhi community. BJP had again given ticket to Pawan Verma to win this seat and Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya himself also held an election meeting. The Deputy CM had said in his election meeting that if the opposition wins from here, he will sing that he was defeated in Babuji’s stronghold.

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