Blood, sweat, spit… their everything was poisonous! Read how poison girls were made

Poisonous Girls: In ancient times, kings and emperors used to keep poisonous girls with them, which they used to kill their most dangerous enemy or to extract any secret from him. Vishkanyas used to be a kind of ‘Human Weapon’, which were prepared under a special process.

beautiful girls were sorted

Often kings used to convert their illegitimate children or orphan and poor girls into Vishkanya. Keeping them in the palace itself, their food was taken care of and then after a few days the process of making them poisonous started. From an early age, they were given different types of poison in prescribed quantities. Later, the quantity of poison was gradually increased. During this time, most of the girls used to die and some used to become disabled. The girls who survived safely were made more deadly.

got training

They were made proficient in every art of dance, song, literature, grooming and wooing. They were prepared in such a way that by talking to a king or king, they could woo him. While growing young, she used to become so poisonous that even the touch of her body was fatal. His whole body ie his blood, saliva and sweat used to become poisonous, so making any kind of physical relationship with him was fatal. In this way, poisonous girls were used to kill other kings or generals or to extract important information from them.

This is how it used to become poisonous

This process of making girls poisonous is called mithridatism. In which by gradually putting poison in someone’s body, he is made immune to the poison. It is important to note that mithriditism cannot be done with all types of poison. For this only poison of biologically more complex structure is used. Because, our immune system reacts to similar poisons. On repeatedly giving the same type of poison in a certain quantity, conditioning of the liver takes place and it produces more enzymes to digest the poison. For example, seeds of apple or many other fruits contain cyanide. Often we eat their seeds too. Since it enters the body in very small amounts, our liver, which is used to it, digests it.

Also mentioned in Hindu Mythology

It is said that when the Greek king Alexander the Great went out to conquer the world, his teacher Aristotle told him about the poisonous girls of India. During the conquest of India, he took special care that he should not have much relationship with the girls here and even if he does, it should be after a lot of investigation. This is also mentioned in the Arthashastra of Chanakya (340-293 BC).

There are Vishkanyas even in modern times!

Although, there is no document available to confirm the existence of Vishkanyas in ancient times, but even then its mention in literature and folklore around the world confirms its existence. In today’s world, honey trap is considered to be the modern term of Vishkanya.

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