BrahMos, Radar System, Artillery Gun: All three Sens will increase ‘desi weapons’ worth more than 70 thousand crores

Indigenous Weapon System: The Union Defense Ministry has approved the purchase of military weapons and other equipment worth Rs 70,500 crore. It is believed that this purchase will increase the strength of all the three military forces. In these defense deals, BrahMos missiles will be procured along with different weapon systems and combat vehicles. The entire procurement being done by the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) for the Armed Forces and the Indian Coast Guard will be under the ‘Buy’ (Indian-IDDM) category. Under this, the program of self-reliant India will be promoted.

In these defense deals, 56000 crores will be purchased for BrahMos missiles, Shakti EW systems and helicopters for naval use. Along with this, long-range weapons, 155mm/52 caliber Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) and other equipment will be procured. It has been said by the Ministry of Defense that the government felt the need for new weapons on the Western and Northern Front. Along with this, it was also told that 99 percent of these weapons would have been made in India only.

What will the Navy get?

According to the Defense Ministry, most of these defense deals have been done for the Indian Navy only. According to the ministry, out of the entire defense deal, the purchase of 56000 crores is going to be done only for the Indian Navy. This mainly includes the purchase of BrahMos missiles made in India, Shakti Electronic Warfare Systems, helicopters used in the Navy, etc. On behalf of the Ministry of Defense, it was said that the purchase of BrahMos missile will increase the capability of the Navy to attack at sea. At the same time, the purchase of helicopters will help in conducting search and rescue operations. Along with this, frontline naval warships will be helped to run counter operations through Shakti EW systems.

What will the Air Force get?

The Indian Air Force will get Long Range Standoff Weapons after the Defense Acquisition Council approves defense deals. Which is completely designed, developed and manufactured in India. It will be installed on Sukhoi Su-30MKI aircraft. These weapons will help the Air Force to deal with the antics on the western and eastern front.

What will the Indian Army get?

The Indian Army will get artillery guns from this defense procurement deals. Now ATAGS will also be added to the Indian Army’s quiver along with Dhanush and K9 Vajra gun systems. Along with this, the purchase of vehicles to take them to different places has also been approved.

What will the Indian Coast Guard get?

The Defense Acquisition Council has approved the procurement of Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) MK-III for the Indian Coast Guard. These helicopters have been made by Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL). These helicopters are equipped with surveillance equipment and night operation equipment.


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