Claims on Afghanistan’s ambassador in India increased India’s dilemma, what is this matter?

Afghanistan Ambassador in India: There is a ruckus about the ambassador and diplomatic mission of Afghanistan in India. On one hand, there are reports of appointment of a representative from the Taliban Nizam as the head of its diplomatic mission in India. At the same time, the Afghan Embassy in India has termed these news as misleading and the one who is telling the representative of Taliban Nizam is wrong.

The Afghan Embassy in New Delhi has issued a letter giving clarification. It has been said that the news of his alleged appointment as the head of the mission and the representative of the Taliban Nizam is false. Along with this, it was also claimed that the person calling himself appointed in charge of affairs from Kabul is spreading false news of corruption in the embassy.

Government of India does not recognize Taliban

Actually, the Government of India does not recognize the Taliban. This is the reason why the old team of Afghan ambassador and diplomats in Delhi is still intact and is getting diplomatic facilities.

Qadir Shah declared representative of Taliban

It is being told that no one has been sent from Kabul as a new appointment. Rather, a diplomat named Muhammad Qadir Shah, who is already working in the Afghan Embassy, ​​has been declared as the representative of the Taliban.

However, there has been no official response from the Government of India regarding the diplomatic representation of Afghanistan. So far, India is allowing the status quo to continue with the staff appointed by the then Ashraf Ghani government before August 2021 due to non-recognition of the Taliban.

Embassy issued statement

In a statement, the embassy headed by Mamundzai said, “The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan categorically rejects the claims of an individual regarding his command of the mission in New Delhi at the behest of the Taliban.”

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