Data of railway passengers stolen? IRCTC gave this answer

Indian Railway Data Breach: IRCTC has given clarification regarding the data breach of Indian Railways. IRCTC, the government company providing online ticket booking facility, said that no data of ours has been stolen.

In the context of the data breach, IRCTC said that an Indian Railways passenger’s data theft alert was given by the Railway Board on receipt from CERT-In. After this, we found in the investigation that there was no data breach i.e. theft from the IRCTC server. IRCTC said that it has also instructed its business partners to check the server.

What did Indian Railways say?

Indian Railways said that there was news in the media about the data breach. Soon after this the Railway Board had issued an alert. On analyzing the sample data, it was revealed that it does not match with the History API of IRCTC i.e. it does not belong to the IRCTC server. After this further investigation was done by IRCTC. An alert was sent to all the business partners of IRCTC asking them to immediately investigate the entire matter to find out whether their data has been breached.

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What is the matter?

There was news that the passengers whose data has been stolen. The data includes information related to people’s personal details ie their email ID, gender, age and phone number etc. IRCTC has given a statement regarding this only. Let us tell you that there is no such case where there is news of data breach. Recently AIIMS server was hacked. Then the Twitter account of the Ministry of Jal Shakti was also hacked.

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