DK Shivakumar or Siddaramaiah, who is stronger in the Karnataka CM race? learn

Karnataka Election Results 2023: In the election results on Saturday (May 13) in Karnataka, the Congress got a clear majority by winning 135 seats. Congress Legislature Party meeting is going to be held on Sunday (May 14) evening, in which the next CM of the state is to be elected. At present, two names are the most discussed for the head of the government in the state.

One of them is former CM Siddaramaiah, while the other name is that of state Congress President DK Shivakumar. Under whose leadership the party has registered a resounding victory. There is a tough fight between the two to become the CM. It will be known in the evening as to who will win, but before that we know the strength and weakness of both, which will play an important role in their candidature.

DK Shivakumar


  • State Congress President. Under his leadership, the organization of the party was strengthened and it was brought back to power.
  • Resourceful leader- Along with political power, there is also money power. He is one of the richest MLAs of Karnataka.
  • The party has a trouble-shooter image. DK Shivakumar helped the party when Congress was in trouble in other states as well.
  • The second strongest community in the state comes from the Vokkaligas. This community has 12 percent of the population in the state and has influence on 50 seats. This time the effect of eating into Vokkaliga votes, which has been with JDS till now.
  • Started career from student politics and handled important ministries in many governments.
  • Considered a great strategist. Also very close to the Gandhi family. Sonia Gandhi herself went to meet him when he was in jail.


  • Received support of less MLAs than Siddaramaiah in the state.
  • Corruption cases are going on against Shivkumar.
  • Have also gone to jail. On becoming CM, BJP will level allegations of corruption.
  • Several central agencies are probing against Shivakumar. CM post can also go if proved guilty.



  • Siddaramaiah has been a former CM and is the most experienced and senior Congress leader.
  • He is a mass leader with wide public support in the state.
  • The Kurubas are the third largest community in Karnataka, accounting for 8 percent of the Kuruba population in the state.
  • Became the first non-Lingayat and non-Vokkaliga CM of the state.
  • Administrative experience also being former CM.
  • He has the support of more MLAs than DK Shivakumar.


  • Was the CM from 2013-18, but could not make the Congress win in 2018 while in power in the state.
  • Siddaramaiah is 76 years old and age can become an obstacle in the way of becoming CM.
  • Siddaramaiah’s previous government had tried to divide the Lingayats. The Lingayat community may get angry on becoming the CM.
  • Being the state president, Shivkumar is getting the credit for winning, due to which Siddaramaiah’s claim is getting weakened.

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