Don’t buy any phone in the name of 5G… Whenever you go to buy it, see these 6 things too!

Best 5G Smartphone: Since the launch of 5G in India, many users while buying a new smartphone are definitely checking whether the phone is 5G or not. However, it is unwise to bring home any phone in the name of 5G as simply being a 5G phone will not do. There are many other factors as well, which you should keep in mind. Here we have told about some such factors, which make any 5G smartphone the best.

What should be in a 5G smartphone?

  1. Heat Dissipation System : The phone should be equipped with features like heat dissipation and vapor cooling chamber. Due to this, features like heat dissipation and vapor cooling chamber maintain the temperature while using the internet or online gaming. Due to this, the performance of the phone remains.
  2. Phone RAM: If you want your 5G phone to work well for a long time, then select a 5G smartphone with at least 8GB of RAM. Actually, with 4GB and 6GB in 5G phones, you may face problems in no time because more memory is used to process the fast network speed.
  3. 5G Band Support : At present, Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea have announced for 5G service in India. According to the information, Airtel has 900 MHz (n8), 1800 MHz (n3), 2100 MHz (n1), 3300 MHz (n78) and 26 GHz (n258) bands. However, currently the company is using the N8 and N3 bands. Jio has 700 MHz (n28), 3300 MHz (n78) and 26 GHz (n58) bands and currently the company is using the N28 and N78 bands. Whereas, Vodafone-Idea has 3300 MHz (n78) and 26 GHz (n258) bands. In such a situation, it is wise that when you buy a 5G phone, then definitely keep an eye on these bands. Choose the same phone, which has maximum 5G band support.
  4. Battery : If you are taking a 5G phone, then keep in mind that it consumes more battery. In this case, choose a phone with less than 5000 mAh battery or above. Also, do check out Fast Charging. If there is charging support of 44W or above then it would be better.
  5. High resolution screen: While looking at the features of the screen, keep in mind that the phone should be of high resolution. You are going towards AMOLED or OLED screen panels. Along with this, keep in mind that choose a phone with at least 90 Hz screen refresh rate. Whereas 120 or 144 Hz is said to be better.

  6. Dolby Integration: Dolby is especially known for sound. If you are going towards 5G phone and you are taking your phone for entertainment or gaming then definitely check out Dolby integration.

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