Dragon fanning fire? America showed eye to China, warned – if military aid is given to Russia…


America warns China, if it helps Russia, it will have to pay the price
Putin says the West wants to “disintegrate” the Russian Federation

Washington: Tension between the two countries has been increasing ever since China’s spy balloons were found in American skies. China is now trying to wreak havoc in Ukraine by helping Russia. Now America has got angry on this and it has threatened China while supporting Ukraine. It is believed that China is going to provide Russia with deadly weapons for the war with Ukraine, on which America has said that if China does so, its consequences will be serious.

According to the report of news agency Reuters, Beijing is potentially considering providing lethal equipment including drones to Russia. Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said Chinese leader Xi Jinping is preparing to travel to Moscow next week for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told CNN that China will have to make its own decisions, adding that if it decides to provide military aid to Russia, it will have to pay the price.

At the same time, Ukraine is getting help from western countries in this war. On this Former Russian President and Putin ally Dmitry Medvedev said that Western arms supplies to Kiev could lead to global nuclear holocaust There is a danger of. NATO and western countries have rejected this narrative. He says that the only purpose of providing arms and other aid to Kiev is to protect them from attack.

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In an interview released on Sunday, Putin told Rossiya 1 state television that Western countries want to disintegrate the former Soviet Union and its fundamental parts. Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine and described it as a “special military operation”. He said the aim was to protect Russians, block Kiev’s NATO membership and keep it within Russia’s “sphere of influence”. Ukraine and the West say it is an illegal act of aggression against a country with a democratically elected government and a Jewish president.

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