Earth is going to change, flood is coming, scientists gave indications

Mechanism Doomsday: The Bakken Shale Formation, which is a 200,000-square-mile shale deposit beneath the Earth in parts of Canada and North Dakota. It has supplied billions of barrels of oil and natural gas to North America for 70 years. Another discovery has been made there, which will help geologists to know about history. This will help in understanding about the marine life before the existence of dinosaurs.

A team of geoscientists from the University of Maryland, George Mason University and Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor formed the team. Together they developed a new framework for analyzing fossil and chemical data extracted from the rock.

death of marine animals
According to a research paper published in the journal Nature, many biotic organisms went extinct on a large scale during the Devonian period 350 million years ago. According to this study, scientists found out about many reasons how the creatures became extinct. Some reasons were included in this, in which the lack of oxygen, the expansion of hydrogen sulphide in the water were the main reasons and many types of dangerous organisms would come out due to the rise in sea level.

The researchers said that lessons can be drawn from the findings by applying them to the current climate crisis, because in today’s time sea level rise, a change in climate change signals about a major change. At the same time, due to the increase in poisonous hydrogen sulphide, most of the marine animals will die.

played a big role in making the earth
There have likely been other mass extinctions caused by hydrogen sulfide expansions before, but no one has characterized the effects of this killer system so well during such a critical period of Earth’s history, said UMD Geology Professor Alan J. Kaufman. Haven’t studied since.

Kaufman said that the late Devonian period was a storm of factors, which played a big role in the formation of the Earth. The Devonian period ended at about the same time that the Earth’s continents were flooded. Various sediments, including black shale, were gradually absorbed into the seas inside.

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