Exclusive | Oscar’s jury’s Pankaj Kapur took a jibe, said – better late than never. Navabharat (New India)

Mumbai: SS Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’ created history by winning the Best Original Song title (Oscar Award) for its song ‘Nacho Nacho’. Expressing his happiness over this great achievement, veteran actor Pankaj Kapur took a jibe at the jury members of the Oscars. During a special conversation with Navbharat, he said, ‘It is a matter of great pride that India has planted its flag in the Oscars. Being a true patriot and nationalist, I am very proud that with ‘RRR’ our Indian film has reached that level. I would say this to the Oscars that better late than never. He took a long time to identify Indian films, otherwise we had reached long ago.

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we are only indian

On this victory of RRR, the discussion of South vs Bollywood has started again on social media. When the actor was questioned about this, he said, ‘The biggest problem in our life is that we make divisions that this is South, this is Western, this is high, this is low. Our film ‘Bheed’ also throws light on this issue. Arey, at least now understand that we are all Indians.

Whether a picture is made in the South or in the North, it is an Indian film. This film is representing our country, the makers of this film are also our people. It doesn’t matter where the film is made. Cinema is cinema. So for those who think by dividing like this, I would only say that I am sorry, but don’t be small, be big and think big. Cinema transcends the boundaries of states and countries. We do not have to limit this talent by tying it within our scope. Our thorns do not have to be gathered.

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