Fielded 75 new faces and lost 60, how BJP’s whole plan failed

BJP Plan Fail In Karnataka: karnataka assembly election The results of 2023 have come and the Congress made a tremendous comeback in the state by winning 136 seats. Whereas, BJP had to be satisfied with only 65 seats. BJP did many experiments to win this election. Gave a chance to 75 new faces, took support from Bollywood films to Bajrang Bali but even these could not save them from a crushing defeat.

The Bajrang Dal issue was beneficial for the Congress in the state. Taking a break from this, BJP started a campaign of Bajrang Bali, but the party could not get the benefit of it. In the name of ban on Bajrang Dal, the Congress party got the votes of the Muslim community on one side. Along with this, the BJP also ran a bet with the Bollywood film The Kerala Story, but that too backfired.

Gujarat model failed in Karnataka

BJP got a big success in Gujarat. The same model was used by the party in Karnataka as well. Out of them, whether to give tickets to 75 new faces or to change the face of the Chief Minister midway. Both these factors failed in the state known as the gateway to the south for the BJP. 60 out of 75 faces lost the election. At the same time, in the election campaign, the party did not properly expose its current CM Basavaraj Bommai. Apart from this, he could not even build his base beyond the Lingayat community.

Congress caught the hand of local issues

On one hand, while BJP kept campaigning on the issues of Bajrang Bali and terrorism, on the other hand, Congress did not give up on local issues. Campaigned fiercely on issues like inflation, unemployment, corruption, law and order as well as reservation. His 40 percent commission slogan had also become quite famous.

Resentment was also seen in the BJP regarding the distribution of tickets. Several meetings were held in Delhi for ticket distribution. BJP general secretary CT Ravi, one of the overseers of tickets, could not even save his seat.

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