Firing outside Islamabad HC, Imran Khan leaves court three hours after bail

Shots Fired Outside Islamabad High Court: There was gunfire on Friday outside Pakistan’s Islamabad High Court. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was present inside the court during the firing. According to the report of The Dawn, firing took place several times within 30 minutes. Snipers were deployed on the buildings surrounding the High Court. According to reports, the IG of Islamabad reached the High Court, where he held talks with PTI chief Imran Khan.

After the talks with IG, Imran Khan released a video. During this, he said that I was forcibly kept in the court. He said, “It has been three hours. I have been kept in the court for three hours, I am not being allowed to go. Sometimes they make excuses… I am telling the whole community today that the court has given me bail in every case. I am free Even after that we have been kidnapped.

He further said, “They want to do something again, the whole community should get ready.” Even the decisions of the court are not being obeyed. People should raise their voice. We are becoming sheep and goats.” However, shortly after Imran Khan released the video, he was released from the court.

Significantly, this firing took place at such a time when the Islamabad High Court on Friday ordered not to arrest Imran Khan till May 17. Imran Khan has got permission to go from Islamabad High Court. He will go to Lahore from here.

Who are the people who opened fire outside the Islamabad High Court, its information has not been found yet. Meanwhile, Imran Khan has demanded the DIG to clear the way. Keeping in mind the security of the former PM, the police is on alert.

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