Food Inspector suspended for wasting millions of liters of water for mobile, showcause notice to SDO

Cancer: In Kanker district of Chhattisgarh, Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas, posted in Pakhanjur Food Department, who wasted lakhs of liters of reservoir water for mobile phones, has been suspended by the District Collector. In the matter, the Kanker District Collector has also issued a show cause notice to the SDO of the Irrigation Department, seeking a reply within 24 hours. The exploits of the food inspector have created panic in the state along with the entire district.

Taking seriously the matter of wasting lakhs of liters of water of the reservoir to find the mobile, Kanker Collector Dr. Priyanka Shukla has suspended the Food Inspector with immediate effect. Along with this, the Food Inspector has been attached to the Food Department of Kanker District Headquarters.

Food Inspector said this in clarification

In fact, Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas had gone to Paralkot reservoir with his friends for a picnic a few days ago. While taking selfie here, his mobile fell in the reservoir. After which he took the help of divers of the village to find his mobile, but he could not find the mobile. After which, with the help of the staff of the ration shop under the Food Department, about 21 lakh liters of water was wasted by emptying the water of Paralkot reservoir with a 30-30 HP diesel pump continuously for 3 days. The food inspector did not even inform anyone about this. In his clarification, Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas said that the water of the reservoir was very deep. Due to the villagers not being able to find the mobile, about 6 feet of water was emptied from the reservoir and this water was released in the field itself, for this he asked the SDO of the Irrigation Department, R.K. Permission was sought verbally from Sea Fish.

Food Inspector suspended after investigation

After the matter came to the notice of the Kanker Collector, the District Collector got the sub-divisional officer to investigate the entire matter. In the investigation, it was found that the food inspector did not take written orders from anyone to drain the water from the reservoir. The food inspector wasted 21 lakh liters of water stored between the waste weir of the reservoir and the scale y to find his mobile without informing the department. About one and a half thousand acres could be irrigated with this water. Taking this seriously, the Collector issued an order with immediate effect, suspended the Food Inspector and attached it to the Kanker Food Department.

The District Collector has also issued a show cause notice to RC Dhivar, SDO of the Irrigation Department in this matter, seeking a reply within 24 hours. Collector Priyanka Shukla told that the SDO gave verbal permission to waste lakhs of liters of water from Paralkot reservoir without taking permission from higher authorities, which comes under the category of malpractice. This is contrary to the Chhattisgarh Civil Services Classification Control and Appeal 1965 Rules. In such a situation, the Collector has also sought a written reply from the SDO within 24 hours. In case of not getting a satisfactory answer, it has been said to take disciplinary action.

BJP demands dismissal of Food Inspector

Politics has also started as soon as the information about this matter is received. BJP leader OP Chowdhary has demanded the immediate sacking of food inspector Rajesh Vishwas, who wasted lakhs of liters of reservoir water for his mobile phone. OP Chowdhary said that thousands of acres of land could have been irrigated with this water, but the careless officer has caused huge loss to the farmers by wasting water. In such a situation, the government should immediately dismiss the food inspector. On the other hand, State Food Minister Amarjit Bhagat says that he himself has taken cognizance of the matter and has suspended the Food Inspector in the preliminary investigation and has asked to continue further investigation.

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