H3N3 influenza: Do antibiotics affect this virus, know the answers to 10 such questions

India had got relief from the increasing infection of Corona just a few months ago that now once again a virus named H3N2 has started spreading rapidly in the whole country. The complaint of cough is considered to be a very common symptom in people infected with this virus. Apart from this, such patients are having difficulty in breathing.

H3N2 is currently taking people of many states including Bihar, UP in its grip. Recently, the first case of this infection came to light in Bihar. At the same time, the risk of H3N2 has increased in UP. In this state, the number of people suffering from fever and cough and cold is continuously increasing.

In such a situation, many questions are coming in people’s mind regarding this virus, like what is this virus after all. What is the identity of its occurrence, how is it different from the corona virus. Do antibiotics have an effect on this virus? In this news, we have brought answers to 10 such most important questions.

1. First know how many people have been killed by this virus so far?

PSRI Institute of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Dr. GC Khilnani said, ‘According to reports, a total of seven people have died due to H3N2 virus infection. The national capital Delhi has also seen an increase in H3N2 cases recently. It has been said in the report that most of the people admitted to ICU saw an increase in those who already have a disease and who are 75 years or more.

2. Do antibiotics have any effect on this virus?

Senior Chest and Critical Care Specialist, Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad, Dr Manoj Singh told TOI that antibiotics are effective only in case of bacterial infection and are completely ineffective against H3N2.

Responding to the same question, Dr. Rajeev Dang, Senior Director and HOD Internal Medicine and Medical Director, Max Hospital, Gurugram said, ‘No antibiotics help fight disease caused by viruses. Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections on the human body and not viral infections.

3. What needs to be taken care of by the patient before self-administering any antibiotics?

Dr. SK Chhabra said that many people think that whenever you have fever, taking antibiotics will cure you. In such a situation, patients see and buy medicines from the Internet. But doing this should be avoided.

The patient should avoid starting any antibiotics on his own without consulting the doctor. corona virus At the time of infection, most people had started taking antibiotics like azithromycin and doxycycline without consulting the doctor. Patients should not take antibiotics without consulting the doctor.

4. What are the side effects of taking antibiotics without doctor’s advice?

Taking antibiotics without any expert is harmful to the human body and health experts agree on this. With the use of more antibiotics, many patients have become anti-antibiotic in the body. Which can also turn into a fatal disease.

The common side effect of taking antibiotics without doctor’s consultation is underdose. That is, eat less medicine than the amount of medicine you have to eat. Because of this, antibiotic resistance occurs, due to which the medicine is not effective. In this way, people do not get any rest and the infection also starts spreading rapidly, because due to taking less medicine, the infection cannot be treated properly.

5. Is there any variant of H3N2 Corona only?

Dr. SK Chhabra said that this question is quite common. People are feeling that there is some variant of influenza corona which is making people sick. There is also a reason behind this that people are facing the same problems like corona even in influenza. But both these viruses are different. However, problems like fever, cough and difficulty in breathing occur in both corona and influenza.

Kovid used to have respiratory problems but its cause is different from H3N2. Corona infection affects the lower respiratory tract, while H3N2 affects the upper respiratory tract.

6. What are the symptoms of H3N2?

The initial symptoms of H3N2 are cold, fever, stiffness. Apart from this, if a person is vomiting, bleeding during defecation, and if there is difficulty in breathing along with pain in the body, then a doctor should be consulted immediately. In this type of problem, one should keep checking the oxygen level. If the patient’s oxygen level is continuously falling then it could be H3N2.

7. People of which age are more at risk?

Dr. Chhabra said that the H2N3 virus can infect people of any age, but children and the elderly are most at risk. The IMA says that due to weak immunity, its infection is a rapid decision in children and the elderly. In such a situation, it is most important to take care of the oxygen saturation level of the children or elders of the house when they are sick. If it becomes less than 95 percent, then one should go to the hospital immediately.

8. Can the H3N2 virus be prevented from spreading?

The best way to prevent the mass spread of the H3N2 virus is to keep yourself clean. Health experts have been advising not to touch the face, nose and mouth with dirty hands. That’s why hands should be cleaned regularly. Apart from this, coming in contact with infected people and even those showing symptoms of infection should also be avoided.

The most important thing that should be taken care of is that people who are infected, and they know that they have come under the grip of the virus, should avoid going out. Wearing a mask, which was very important during the Covid pandemic, can also help protect against H3N2 as using a mask reduces the chances of the virus entering the body. Taking medicines on time can also reduce the spread of virus from infected people to healthy persons.

9. What medicine should be taken for those who get infected with this virus?

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) in its guideline has said about this virus that antibiotics should not be taken in this infection. IMA has said that if the patient is having common symptoms of fever and cold, then he can be given paracetamol. Even then, if the problem persists, a doctor’s advice should be taken.

10. Can H3N2 happen again after having it once?

Mutation can happen in H3N2 virus. If understood in simple language, if a person gets infected in one go and gets cured, it does not mean that the danger is over. Once this has happened to the person, that person can also come in the grip of it again.

How ready is Delhi?

The Corona epidemic has deeply hurt the whole world including the country physically and mentally and this is the reason that now people are in awe of any virus and disease. The knock of the virus H3N2, which has been infecting the people of India for the past months, has put people in worry again. Patients infected with it are increasing continuously in many states.

At the same time, according to the reports of the past days in Delhi, there has been an increase in the number of patients coming to the hospitals related to H3N2 virus by about 150 percent. While giving information, the LNJP Hospital Administration also said that keeping in view the increasing number of patients in Delhi, beds have been reserved in the hospitals.

At the same time, people have been appealed to follow the guidelines of ICMR completely. In a conversation with ABP Live, Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of LNJP Hospital, told that in view of the increasing number of infected patients in the capital, 20 beds have been reserved in LNJP Hospital.

At the same time, people have also been instructed to follow the guidelines of ICMR completely. Infected patients will be kept in isolation wards with 20 separate beds. Along with this, in view of the increasing effect of the virus, a special team of 15 doctors has also been constituted, who will keep a special watch on the growing infection.


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