Hearing on Pawan Kheda’s petition adjourned till March 20, this is the matter

Pawan Khera Case: Prime Minister Narendra Modi And the hearing in the Supreme Court on the petition of Congress leader Pawan Kheda in the case of indecent remarks on his father was postponed till 20 March. The hearing was postponed due to the absence of Kheda’s lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

At present, the court has given him interim bail. The Supreme Court has to consider transferring a total of 3 FIRs registered in Assam and UP to one place. Assam and UP governments have demanded cancellation of Kheda’s bail and permission to interrogate him.

When were you arrested?
Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda was arrested by the Assam Police on Thursday (February 23) after he was taken off the flight while going from Delhi to Raipur. The Congress had reached the Supreme Court against this. Giving relief to Kheda from here, the court directed the lower court to grant interim bail. After this, the Dwarka Court of Delhi granted him bail.

What is the matter?
Pawan Kheda was speaking on the matter of Adani Group, referring to the Hindenburg report on 20 February. During this, he was targeting BJP and PM Modi. During this, he said that when Atal Bihari Vajpayee can form JPC, then what is the problem with Narendra Gautam Das Modi?

After this he had asked the people standing around that Gautam Das or Damodar Das. Then, he said that even though the name is Damodar Das. His work is of Gautam Das. However, he later clarified that he had confusion regarding the name of the Prime Minister. PM Modi’s father is Damodardas, for this FIR has been registered against Kheda in many places including Assam and UP.

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