His wife was a bigger star than Manoj Bajpayee! Film done with Bobby Deol, the secret of love was hidden in hair

Mumbai. Manoj Bajpayee has been winning the hearts of people with his acting in Bollywood for the last almost 30 years. Manoj Bajpayee’s recently released film ‘Ek Banda Kafi Hai’ has presented proof of his sharp acting. Actor Manoj Bajpayee, who was honored with Padma Shri by Bharat Sarkar for his outstanding contribution to cinema, has become the role model of millions of people today.

The acting journey of Manoj Bajpayee, who wrote the story of success with his struggle and hard work, continues. Manoj Bajpayee married Shabana Raza in the year 2006. Shabana Raza was also an actress and has also worked in many films.

Shabana used to be a big star before her relationship with Manoj Bajpayee. Not only this, the films of Shabana Raza and Manoj Bajpayee have also clashed at the box office. Manoj and Shabana were in a relationship since 1998 and got married after 8 years. Shabana Raza and Manoj Bajpayee also met in a party.

Shabana was a bigger star than Manoj Bajpayee!
The story of Satya, which is counted among the best early films of Manoj Bajpayee’s career, is still alive in people’s minds. Manoj’s character has become immortal in this film released in 1998. Manoj Bajpayee became a big name in the industry after this film. Although Shabana was also no less a star than Manoj Bajpayee.

Rather, Shabana and Manoj Bajpayee were also face to face at the box office regarding their respective films. Bobby Deol starrer film Qarib Bhi was released in 1998. There was a gap of only a few days between the release of Satya and Karib. Shabana was also seen opposite Bobby Deol in the film. Both Satya and Shabana’s film Qarib clashed at the box office.

Manoj Bajpayee was infatuated with the gleaming hair!
Manoj Bajpayee and Shabana met at a party. The year was 1998 and both Shabana and Manoj were attending the film party. Here Manoj Bajpayee’s eyes fell on an actress whose hair was oiled and she was shining. Manoj fell in love with Shabana at first sight.

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Shabana and Manoj Bajpayee were also face to face with their respective films at the box office. (Photo courtesy-Instagram)

Manoj tells about his first meeting in an interview given to ‘Humans of Bombay’, ‘As soon as I saw him for the first time, my heart fluttered. He had applied oil in his hair. I was surprised that who comes to the party with oil in their hair. But I saw that the girl was unconcerned about what anyone would think and was gracing the party beautifully with her simplicity. I liked the simplicity of Shabana very much. My heart fell on this point. It was from here that Manoj and Shabana’s friendship started and friendship turned into love. Both got married in the year 2006. Manoj and Shabana live in Mumbai and both have a daughter.

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