How would your hands feel if a crocodile bites you? Read, the painful story of the attack of this giant creature!

We often go in the middle of dense forests in search of adventure and sometimes lose our way. Same happened with Eric from Florida. While returning home after finishing work in the city, he felt like roaming around, so he went towards the forest. The manatee fish had thought it would spend a few days at the camp but after walking for hours in the scorching heat through dense and thorny bushes, it realized it had lost its way. He had also left his phone in his van. Then a long lake appeared. A boat-landing ramp was visible across the water. He felt that maybe someone would be found there who would show the way.

However, due to the dense forest, it would have taken a lot of time to reach there. So despite warnings of crocodiles in the water, Merda waded into the water and headed towards the landing ramp. He kept swimming in the water for about three hours but could not find his way. Only then his eyes went up and he saw the eye of a crocodile. He panicked. Before Eric could understand anything, a giant crocodile of about 7 feet attacked, hit him hard on the head and there was darkness in front of him. The crocodile pulled Eric twice but both times he got rid of him, the third time the crocodile caught hold of his arm and did not let go. Eric kept on suffering, but could not get rid of it. The crocodile bit off his right hand. When he thought that everything was over, then the crocodile left him.

After a long struggle to save his life, he finally came back to the shore. Blood was oozing out of his hands. He was so scared that he went and sat on a thick grass so that even if the crocodile came, he would come to know by the sound of walking on the grass. Completely exhausted and in pain, he spent the first night there. After a while the bleeding also stopped. Tell that the cut arteries can close themselves if they are cut cleanly.

He climbed a tree in the morning to see something but could not see anything. Eric told that he was shouting continuously, in the hope that someone could hear him, but nothing was heard. There the ground was full of thorns, red ants were attacking his back, and flies gathered around him. So living there was not without danger, but Merda spent his second night on a small slab of concrete at the water’s edge, on which he could lie down. To stay alive, he drank the smelly water of the lake. Ate some purple flowers.

He tried to navigate his way using overhead power lines but then found he was driving around in circles. Later Merda decided to go back to the forest from where he came. By the fourth day, he covered only 100 steps. And in the afternoon he found the bottle of beer which he had left behind while leaving. With his help, he was able to reach his van. After about three weeks of treatment, now his health is improving.

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