India is walking on the edge of the sword between America and Russia, how long will it be like this?

India is also taking more care of bilateral relations and personal interests in international affairs. After the Russia-Ukraine war, it was clearly shown that without coming under the pressure of western countries, India maintained its friendly relations with Russia and also bought crude oil from it. This is very different from India’s traditional policy of non-alignment. This time India is also giving priority to personal interests in international affairs and maintaining bilateral relations equally with Russia and America. At the same time, due to the presidency of G20 countries this year, this work has become more challenging. But will India be able to maintain this delicate balance and if so, for how long?

Change in non-alignment policy?
From the very beginning, it was India’s effort that it would not remain a part of the Cold War. In the 1950s, India was a part of the Non-Aligned Movement, but at the same time it also maintained friendly relations with Russia. Made bilateral relations with America in many cases, but maintaining neutrality and non-alignment in international affairs, maintained the policy of staying away. Things have changed since last one year.

question important to whom
Analyzing this situation of India, it has been analyzed in a Bloomberg report, in which an attempt has been made to answer similar questions while assessing the present conditions of India. But this question is much more important for western countries as well as America and Russia than it is important for India.

India America relations
After the Ukraine crisis, India continued to buy oil from Russia, so did the relationship between India and America get worse. Or America is no longer India’s partner. So it is not like that at all. There are many international matters in which India and America are not only of the same opinion but also allies. Its biggest factor is China. There are many issues like India’s membership of the Quad, bilateral trade between the two countries, which brings America and India together and India remains very enthusiastic about it.

India’s international position has changed a lot after the Russo-Ukraine war. (Representational photo: shutterstock)

situation with russia
India has its own kind of relations with Russia. India buys the most weapons from Russia, there is a deep cultural relationship between the two countries. Now India seems to be going in the direction of being more dependent on Russia in the purchase of oil along with weapons. Yes, the purchase of weapons is definitely decreasing. Russia has come closer to India due to India not coming under the pressure of western countries during Ukraine dispute.

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India’s critical situation
The report states that according to a survey by Morning Consult, a US-based business intelligence company, where India is refraining from criticizing Russia, many people in India hold NATO and the US responsible for the Russia-Ukraine crisis rather than Russian President Vladimir Putin. Are. Nevertheless, Modi understands the delicacy of this path very well. He has also told Russia time and again that India does not consider the path of war right.

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India is becoming a distinct voice on the global stage of the world. (Representational photo: Wikimedia Commons)

No effect on other countries?
As far as America is concerned in the case of Russia, it is not that important for both the countries. The trade relations between the two countries are very deep and the tussle with China naturally brings them closer to Russia. America needs India more to stop China. That’s why he wants to give India the status of non-NATO military partner. And it is not even that India does not buy weapons from America, rather this purchase is increasing.

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It has been accepted in the report that the Government of India is now giving priority to its interests, while it has relations with America and Russia, it is also becoming the voice of the Global South, while it has not yet adopted an open leadership. India’s vision is now becoming one of exploring international contradictions and serving its interests in a multi-polar world, in which bilateral relations are paramount. The same policy of India is visible regarding Europe as well.

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