India-Pakistan Test match can be played in Australia, know which ground will be organized

India vs Pakistan Test Match Melbourne: Cricket lovers from all over the world are eager to watch the match between India and Pakistan. The T20 World Cup 2022 saw an interesting contest between these two teams. There is good news related to this for cricket lovers. Test match can be played between India and Pakistan. Seeing the success of the match played during the T20 World Cup, Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) wants to host the Test match between these two countries. The MCC, which manages the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), and the Victorian government recently held talks with Cricket Australia (CA) about hosting a Test match between India and Pakistan.

According to the news published on PTI, MCC Chief Executive Officer Stuart Fox has shown interest in organizing a Test match between India and Pakistan in view of the tremendous success of the T20 World Cup match played here in October. More than 90 thousand spectators were present in this match played between these two countries. Fox told SEN Radio, “Definitely it would be great to have three consecutive Test matches at the MCG. The stadium will be packed every time. We have taken information about this.

He said, “We have talked to Cricket Australia about this. I know the (Victoria) government has done the same. I know it is very difficult with a busy schedule, so I think it is probably a big challenge.

Fox said that Cricket Australia should talk to the International Cricket Council (ICC) about this. He said, “It is expected that Cricket Australia will continue to talk to the ICC about this and will continue to insist on this. When you see many empty stadiums around the world, then I think a packed stadium and the atmosphere there will be better for the game.

The bilateral Test series between India and Pakistan was last played in 2007. After this, they have faced only in ICC or Asian Cricket Council tournaments. Pakistan is scheduled to play the Boxing Day Test match against Australia at the MCG in 2023 in the next cycle of the World Test Championship. Fox hopes that in this match of the three-Test series, the stadium will be packed like the T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan.

He said, “The kind of atmosphere that was there in that match between India and Pakistan, I had never seen such atmosphere in MCG before.” The noise after each ball was unprecedented. People enjoyed it to the fullest with their families and children.

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