Indian-Americans happy with Eric Garcetti’s appointment as US Ambassador to India

The Senate confirmed Garcetti’s nomination by a vote of 52 against 42. The Senate confirmed his nomination, clearing the way for filling the top diplomatic post that has been vacant for nearly two years.

Indian-Americans have welcomed the appointment of Eric Garcetti as the US ambassador to India, hoping that his rapprochement with President Joe Biden will prove vital to bilateral ties between the two countries. The Senate confirmed Garcetti’s nomination by a vote of 52 against 42. The Senate confirmed his nomination, clearing the way for filling the top diplomatic post that has been vacant for nearly two years.

The need for a full-time Ambassador to India is felt more than ever at a time when India is chairing the G20 nations and several dignitaries including the President are expected to visit India. “The US-India relationship is very important and it’s great that we now have an ambassador,” Senate Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer said shortly after Garcetti’s nomination was confirmed by the Senate.

“President Biden believes we have an important and productive partnership with India, and Garcetti will prove to be a strong and effective ambassador,” White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton told PTI. Caucus co-chair Senator Mark Warner said, “India and the US share a strong relationship that has strategic, economic and cultural significance. This partnership, founded on shared values, underpinned by growing economic and trade ties, and further strengthened by the Indian community here in America, holds much promise for the future.”

“As co-chair of the Senate India Caucus, I am pleased that India will finally have a Senate-designated ambassador,” Warner said. Indian-Americans are also very happy with the appointment of Eric Garcetti. Congratulating Garcetti on his confirmation, Indiaspora’s Founder-Chairman M.R. Rangaswamy said, “We are relieved and also excited that someone like Eric (Garcetti) is going to make a connection there (in India).”

California entrepreneur and community leader Yogi Chugh said Garcetti is an excellent choice for the position of US Ambassador to India. He said that India’s importance to the global economy and national security will continue to grow in the years to come. According to him, the appointment to the post of ambassador is important to guide the US’s relationship with India.

Khanderao Kand of the ‘Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies’ expressed happiness at having the US Ambassador to India after more than 600 days. Ronak Desai, a prominent Indian businessman at Paul Hastings and an expert at the Lakshmi Mittal South Asia Institute at Harvard University, said the Senate’s confirmation of the presidential nominee to be ambassador to India shows bipartisan consensus on US-India relations. remains firmly in place.

The Senate confirmed his nomination by a vote of 52 against 42. Three Democratic members did not support Garcetti. However, seven members of the Republican Party supported him, making it possible for his nomination to be confirmed. Ajay Jain Bhutoria, a prominent leader of the Indian-American community, said, “I congratulate Eric Garcetti on his appointment as Ambassador to India. His experience and leadership will be of great use in strengthening the relationship between the US and India.

“As a community leader, I am sure this appointment will have a positive impact on the Indian-American community and the South Asian community in the United States,” he said. But the President’s advisors are members of the commission. Significantly, Garcetti (52) is the former mayor of Los Angeles and is considered close to US President Joe Biden.

Biden first nominated him for the post of US Ambassador to India in July 2021. However, Garcetti’s nomination could not be approved in the first two years of Biden’s presidential term because some lawmakers opposed his appointment, saying that he was accused of sexual harassment by one of his senior advisers while he was mayor. had failed to deal with effectively. Biden nominated Garcetti for the post again in January this year. The previous US Ambassador to India, Kenneth Juster, resigned from this post in January 2021 after the change of power in the US.

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