Is it a barber or a civil engineer… cutting hair in a surprising way by measuring the risk

Barber Viral Video: All kinds of artists are present all over the world, who are seen doing any easy or difficult task in many surprising ways by applying their mind. One of such difficult tasks is hair cutting. The hair on the head continues to grow. In such a situation, from the cities to the villages, a crowd of people is seen at the barber shop for haircut.

These days many people like to get fancy haircuts different from common hairstyles. In such a situation, some barbers have developed themselves according to the time. Videos of many such barbers have been seen on social media. In which he has been seen setting fire on his head or cutting hair with a sword. Currently, one such barber is making headlines these days. In which he is seen working like a civil engineer.

barber measuring like an engineer

The video going viral has been posted on social media on a Twitter profile named @StrangestMedia. In this video, a man can be seen sitting at a barber’s shop for a haircut. Meanwhile, the barber is seen trying to cut the man’s hair after measuring it with various instruments. After seeing which the laughter of the users is not taking the name of stopping.

Users stunned after watching the video

At present, the video has attracted everyone’s attention on social media. Which has been viewed more than 3 lakh 43 thousand times on social media till the news is written. At the same time, more than 19 thousand users have liked this video. After watching the video, users are continuously seen making their funny comments. Some users say that they have not seen a more funny barber till date. At the same time, some users say that this barber looks more like a civil engineer.

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