Jairam Ramesh said between the statement of Akhilesh Yadav and Mamta Banerjee, ‘Any front is impossible without Congress’

Jairam Ramesh Interview: Akhilesh Yadav and Mamta Banerjee together have laid the foundation of the Third Front, in which no opinion has been taken from the Congress. In this way they are trying to create a non-BJP and non-Congress front. Now the reaction of Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has also come to the fore. Speaking to PTI, he said, “If any opposition alliance is formed, Congress will play a major role in it.”

Jairam Ramesh said, “People from TMC, Samajwadi Party or other parties will continue to meet. Third Front-Fourth Front will continue to be formed, but it is necessary to have Congress in the opposition.” He said, “Any front is impossible without the Congress. But, it is too early to talk about it. There are elections in Karnataka now, followed by elections in Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Mizoram.”

‘Strategy will be made later on 2024’

On opposition unity, he said, “This year we will be completely busy with the state assembly elections, we will see later about the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Now the meetings will continue, the positioning will continue that I will be the third front, I will be the fourth.” I will front, I will do fifth front, all this will continue.” On this exercise of the third front, the Congress leader said, “Whatever strategy has to be prepared regarding the 2024 elections, talks with the parties will be done by our President Mallikarjun Kharge and our senior leaders.”

’16 parties together in demand of JPC’

He further said, “It is important to have a strong Congress in any opposition alliance, but the Congress’s priority at the moment is the Karnataka elections and then the elections in other states.” Regarding differences in opposition on JPC’s demand, the Congress leader said, “There is no difference. NCP did not sign the letter sent to ED. They had already told about it that they are in support of it, but they Can’t sign the letter. There are 16 parties who are unitedly demanding JPC.”

What did Jairam Ramesh say on TMC?

Regarding Mamta Banerjee, Jairam Ramesh clearly said, “TMC is not with us, they will have their own reasons. We will not say anything about that.” Regarding the demand of JPC, he said, “Why is the Prime Minister hesitating to form JPC? If there is nothing to hide, the intention is clear, then the Prime Minister should form JPC.” He said, “After all, the chairman in this JPC will be from BJP, the number of members of his party will also be more, then why is the ruling party so nervous?”

The uproar in Parliament was termed as BJP’s fury.

The Congress leader termed the uproar in Parliament over Rahul Gandhi’s statement in London as BJP’s fury. Jairam Ramesh said, “BJP is fuming because the success of Bharat Jodo Yatra has brought a huge change in the image of not only Congress, but also of Rahul Gandhi. This Yatra has proved to be a booster dose for us and for our organization. People Rahul Gandhi Seeing ji from a new perspective and style. That’s why this attempt is being made again to defame Rahul Gandhi ji and the Congress.”

Defended Rahul Gandhi’s statement

On Rahul Gandhi’s statement, he said, “There is a video of Rahul Gandhi’s statement, you can listen to it, see it. He never said this, did not use the word interference. He only said that democracy in our country Must be strong, if democracy in India is strong, it will not only benefit India but the whole world. Those who are making allegations are completely lying. This is just an attempt to divert attention.Rahul Gandhi never made any such statement.”

What did Mamta say on Rahul?

Earlier, West Bengal CM and TMC supremo Mamta Banerjee had targeted Rahul Gandhi. He had said that if Rahul Gandhi remained the leader of the opposition Narendra Modi No one can beat Rahul Gandhi is like TRP for PM Modi. He said, “BJP wants Rahul Gandhi to remain the face of the opposition, otherwise why create ruckus in Parliament over what he said outside?”

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