Kapil Sharma Says Wife Ginni Chatrath Turned Biggest Supporter During His Bad Phase

New Delhi: In 2017, actor and comedian Kapil Sharma experienced a setback when his movie Firangi bombed and his program The Kapil Sharma Show went off air. During the time, he battled alcoholism, despair, and anxiety, and many people gave up on him. But, his now-wife and then-girlfriend Ginni Chatrath were instrumental in helping him get through the difficult time in his life.

Recently, Kapil revealed that Ginni, not he, had the fortitude to remove him from Bombay and aid in his recovery from his precarious situation. When the media reported about his drunkenness, he explained to Bollywood Bubble how it affected his mother.

The ‘Zwigato’ actor said, “When you try to make things better, they just get worse because you are not at peace. So, in such times, you stop and wait. I did the same. I might not have done this, But Ginni came to Mumbai.

According to Kapil Sharma, Ginny moved to Mumbai despite coming from a family that disapproved of the idea of ​​a daughter living with her future husband. ,Uska ghona shaadi se ek saal pehle hi ho gaya tha (She got married even before we got married in real). The courage that she showed is greater. She belongs to a well-to-do family, but in our families, it’s a big thing for a girl to live with a boy before marriage.”

Ginni said to Kapil that she doesn’t even care if they ever get married because for her, his health is more important than anything. “She told me, ‘Ye sab log na tujhse yahi chah rahe hain, main chah rahi hun ki tu sahi ho ja (All these people want only this from you but I want you to get well). I don’t care if we Will get married or not, you get well, and then I will go back. Uska bohot bada haath tha mujhe nikaalne me..it was a bad phase,” Kapil narrated.

Nevertheless, this period taught the actor-comedian a few things, one of which was not to pay too much attention to what others were saying about him online.

He said, “Ever since I have returned, there are a lot of things that have stopped affecting me. I don’t care about what people are writing about me on social media. main theek hun, my family theek hai, my maa theek hai..basss. (I only want my family to be fine).”

On the work front, Kapil Sharma returned to the silver screen with his recently released film ‘Zwigato’, directed by Nandita Das.

As per ABP Bureau’s reviews of the film, ‘Zwigato’, which is set in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, focuses on Manas (Kapil Sharma), a former factory manager who was compelled to remain at home without work for months due to virus outbreak layoffs. Manas is the sole breadwinner for his family of five, which comprises his wife Pratima (Shahana Goswami), their kids Kartik (Prajwal Sahoo) and Purbi (Yuvika Brahma), as well as his bed bound, mother Maai (Shantilata Padhy), makes the decision to become a partner with the food delivery business Zwigato.

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