Know everything about former CM Siddaramaiah who entered politics from advocacy

Siddaramaiah Profile: karnataka assembly elections After the historic victory of the Congress in 2023 (Karnataka Assembly Election 2023), the Legislature Party meeting is going to be held on Sunday (May 14). Congress has returned to power after 10 years and now the question is arising that who will become the Chief Minister of the state this time?

The names of D Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah are coming to the fore in this race of Chief Minister. Although Siddaramaiah has the highest chances of becoming the Chief Minister, because Siddaramaiah has already said that this was his last election. After this he will retire from politics. This is the reason why Siddaramaiah is being considered as a strong contender for the post of CM. Let’s know what is the profile of Siddaramaiah who has traveled from worker to CM…

Law degree from University of Mysore
Born in a village in Mysore district, Siddaramaiah was a lawyer by profession and completed his graduation from Mysore University. Siddaramaiah first obtained a BSc degree and later did law. Although Siddaramaiah’s parents wanted him to become a doctor, he chose to practice law. After leaving law, Siddaramaiah entered politics.

How was the political career?
If we talk about political career, Siddaramaiah entered politics in 1978. After this Siddaramaiah held various positions. After becoming an activist to MLA and Deputy Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah was made the Chief Minister of the state in the year 2013. Siddaramaiah of Congress has held the post of Chief Minister of the state from 2013 to 2018. Siddaramaiah has won from Varuna seat in Karnataka’s Mysore region.

Siddaramaiah owns assets worth Rs 19 crore.
Talking about Siddaramaiah’s assets, according to the affidavit filed along with his nomination for the assembly elections, Siddaramaiah has assets worth more than Rs 19 crore. Siddaramaiah has movable assets worth Rs 9.58 crore and immovable assets worth Rs 9.43 crore. Along with this, 13 cases are pending against his Siddaramaiah.

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