Loss of crores to Pakistan’s league… PCB is planning to close the tournament

new Delhi. Pakistan Cricket Board tries to compare itself with India in everything but the reality is something else. The situation is that their own league is not able to handle them. According to the reports, the board has suffered a loss of crores in the PCB’s ambitious plan Pakistan Junior League. This loss is so big that now even organizing the second season of this tournament, PCB seems to be biting.

Recently there has been a change of power in PCB. In place of Rameez Raja, Najam Sethi has once again been given the command of PCB. In such a situation, blaming this blunder on the former Pakistan cricketer, the board is preparing to close the Pakistan Junior League. According to the report of Pakistan media, PCB has suffered a loss of Rs 36.55 crore in Indian currency in organizing this league. This league was started to promote under-19 cricket.

The matches were also being broadcast on TV. While starting the league, Rameez Raja had said that with its arrival, players will start becoming financially stable at an early age, which will give a boost to cricket.

Former cricketer Salman Butt slammed Rameez Raja and said that this league was a big blunder. Butt said on his YouTube channel, “This much amount could have been used to conduct four tours of Pakistan A. They put 125 crores on this tournament but what kind of exposure these players are taking. What have they done apart from broadcasting the match. All the matches are being played on the old pitches only.

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