Minority is not enough to defeat BJP, Congress needs support of Hindus too: AK Antony

Congress Political Strategist: Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister AK Antony has said that in order to oust the BJP from power in the 2024 General Elections, the Congress should also take the majority community along with it. Minorities will not be enough.

Addressing a program on the party’s foundation day, Antony, a member of the Congress Working Committee, said that the majority of people in India are Hindus and this majority community should Narendra Modi should be involved in the fight against Addressing the party workers, he said that everyone should be ready (for 2024) and take the majority community along in the fight against fascism.

‘Congress should take care of Hindus along with minorities’

Asserting that minorities have the freedom to practice their religion, Antony said, “When people from the Hindu community go to temples or when they apply tilak or bindi, they are being treated as people with a soft Hindutva ideology.” As seen, this is not the right strategy. Congress is trying to bring Hindus as well as minorities into the party.”
He said that the Congress would not walk on the “soft-Hindutva line”, which would only benefit Modi. He said that everyone should keep this in mind.

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Antony’s panel reviewed the party’s defeat

After the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, a Congress panel headed by Antony reviewed the party’s defeat. The committee is said to have found that projecting the elections as a battle between secularism and communalism had hurt the prospects of the Congress, which was identified as pro-minority. The committee had agreed that the “Muslim appeasement policy” of the party also proved counterproductive.

When Antony took an ‘anti-minority stance’

Antony has talked about this kind of politics in the party on several occasions in the past as well. While chief minister in 2003, he criticized Congress allies UDF and the Indian Union Muslim League for setting a deadline for the rehabilitation of victims of a communal violence in Marad, Kozhikode in Kerala.

He had said, “The minorities in Kerala are well organised. They have got a lot of privileges and benefits from the government through collective efforts. Unlike the rest of India, the minority communities here dominate the political and administrative spheres of the state, so they cannot be allowed into it.” Considered one of the reasons for the defeat, many said that Antony did not do right by taking an anti-minority stand.

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