MLA Madan Prajapat’s vow fulfilled, silver shoes worn after 388 days, celebration in Balotra

Rajasthan New Districts Formation: Pachpadra MLA Madan Prajapat (MLA Madan Prajapat) wore shoes to fulfill the demand to make Balotra a district. Supporters made the MLA wear silver shoes. Madan Prajapat had taken a vow to remain barefoot until Balotra district was formed 388 days ago. The method of fulfilling the demand has made the MLA a hero of the people.

Madan Prajapat was demanding Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to make Balotra a district. Please tell that the demand to make Balotra a district is many years old. Years old demand was fulfilled during the reign of Chief Minister Gehlot. Based on the 2011 census, Balotra has a population of 10.45 lakhs. Balotra has 4 SDM offices, 9 Panchayat Samitis, 268 Gram Panchayats and 1212 villages.

Celebration in Balotra after CM Gehlot’s announcement

Even before Madan Prajapat, many MLAs fought to declare Balotra as a district. After the announcement of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, there is an atmosphere of celebration in Balotra. Supporters had made silver shoes weighing 750 grams for MLA Madan Prajapat. He said that Chief Minister Gehlot did not disappoint the beloved MLA.

He has created history by creating 19 districts at once. MLA Madan Prajapat mentioned about making people laugh when he took the oath. He said that the resolution of Balotra district has been fulfilled. Supporter jeweler Raju Soni told that in the joy of becoming Balotra district, he had ordered to make shoes. The eyes of the people of Balotra were fixed on the budget announcement.

MLA wore shoes made of silver weighing 750 grams

Resentment arose from the government after the budget did not announce the creation of new districts. But the fruit of MLA Madan Prajapat’s vow was that on Friday, after 388 days, it was announced to form the district. There is an atmosphere of celebration in Balotra after the announcement. Shoes made of silver weighing 750 grams were presented to MLA Madan Prajapat. Pachpadra MLA Madan Prajapat had taken a pledge to remain barefoot at the end of the 2022 assembly session.

On February 23, outside the assembly, he announced that he will not wear shoes until the demand of Balotra district is met. Seeing the continuous demand of the residents of the area, CM Ashok Gehlot had constituted a committee under the leadership of former IAS Ram Lubhaya and given instructions to present the report.

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