Module of Lawrence Bishnoi-Goldie Brar gang busted, calling from international number,…

Lawrence Bishnoi: Crime Branch of Delhi Police has busted three modules of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar gang. Police has arrested a total of 8 people, out of which two are minors. 8 pistols and cartridges have been recovered from them.

Two different teams of Crime Branch have caught these three modules. Police claim that members of Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar gang conspire to extort money from businessmen of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Rajasthan while sitting in jail. To scare their target, they send minor boys to their homes or offices and get them fired. Police revealed that calls are made from international numbers to demand extortion. Along with this, money is being sent abroad through hawala.

Delhi Police made this appeal
The Delhi Police has appealed to the youth not to be tempted by gangsters at all, because the future of the criminal is not long and he either gets shot by the police in an encounter or goes to jail. For this reason, the youth should pay attention to studies and move forward towards their bright future.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother Anmol Bishnoi did this work
Crime Branch’s Special CP Ravindra Yadav said that on April 23, a house was fired at in Siddharth Enclave of Sun Light Colony police station area. 2 boys were seen firing in CCTV cameras. When the police checked the footage of CCTV cameras, they found that both had gone somewhere in an auto.

The police traced the auto, which told that it had dropped them at Dhaula Kuan and from there they boarded the bus. The bus conductor and driver were also searched. Then he told that he had dropped both of them at Pataudi in Gurugram. Both were asking about the bus from here to Rajasthan. The police traced both of them from Rajasthan. Both of them are minors. His third accomplice was also caught from Gujarat, whose age is 18 years.

During interrogation, it was revealed that these three were assigned this task by Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother Anmol Bishnoi. Anmol is currently abroad and he told these boys that they have to go to Delhi and shoot at a flat. All three were provided with weapons, after which they were told that they would reach that house by bus and auto. Then will return from there after firing.

calls made from abroad
Police told that Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar are gangsters associated with the gang, such as Sampat Nehra, Priyavrat, Anmol Bishnoi and all others are doing the work of demanding extortion. Of those who are in jail. While in jail, he collects this information that he takes stock of the economic condition of bookies, builders and other businessmen in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chandigarh etc. Then after this they call for extortion from international numbers. If someone does not pay, then firing is done at his house or office. Then they call him again, after which the extortion amount reaches them. These people call by the names of Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar.

send minors for firing
Special Commissioner Ravindra Yadav said that the gang members send minor boys to get their targets fired at their homes to intimidate them. They employ minors in different ways. These people connect the youth with them through social media and from the village. They are given the lure of a little money. It is assured that they will be kept in their gang. If they have any problem, then they will remove that problem.

For example, one of these minors has told that he had a fight with some boys in his school. Some person from the village made him contact with this gang and assured that we will see those boys. You come after doing this work.

Police say that the minors who fall under their trap, they do not get any special money, nor do they get any future. Those who are minors, they do not even know in the true sense for whom they are going to work. They are only shown dreams and they are made to work in the world of crime.

Police said that it was the module which fired at a property dealer and his accomplice in Lampur area of ​​Narela to execute the incident in Sun Light Colony area. There was also a bullet in the leg of the property dealer.

How was the third module intercepted?
According to the police, the third module was caught even before the crime could be executed. In this module, Priyavrat associated with Bishnoi gang was collecting extortion from jail. He kept the boys from jail to shoot. He had to get one of his own companions killed.

Darsal a boy who used to collect extortion for Priyavrat, had stopped giving money. When Priyavrat came to know about this, he conspired to get him murdered. He kept the boys. Apart from this, he was also given the task of firing at the showroom. Both the incidents were to be executed in Katevda. ACP Vivek Tyagi’s team got the information and 5 people were caught even before the incident.

Get money abroad through hawala
Police say that all the members of Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar get the extortion money abroad through hawala. The police is now making every effort to crack down on this gang. Soon it is also trying to find out what is the route of money. In what way money is going abroad and then how it is coming back to India from abroad.

According to the police, the Bishnoi gang provides all types of weapons to its operatives, the boys who fire to intimidate, are provided with semi-automatic pistols and if a major incident is to be carried out, then the gang members Sophisticated pistols like Jigana etc. are also made available. The police is trying to find every nexus of this gang. There is an attempt to break the back of this entire gang as soon as possible.

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