‘My life’s goal is to kill Salman Khan’, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi again gives interview from jail

Lawrence Bishnoi Exclusive: ABP News has done another exclusive interview of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi from jail under ‘Operation Durdant’. In the first interview, Bishnoi had made many surprising revelations related to the Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case. In the latest interview, the new personality of Bishnoi is being seen. Bishnoi said that we have not given any threat to Musewala’s father. Whatever letter has been written, none of our boys has written it.

Regarding Salman Khan, the gangster said that he will have to apologize. He should go to our temple in Bikaner and apologize. Right now I am not a goon, but I will become a goon after killing Salman Khan. The goal of my life is to kill Salman Khan. I will kill Salman Khan if the security is removed.

“Salman Khan’s ego is bigger than Ravana”

Bishnoi said that he wanted to kill Salman Khan for 4-5 years. If he (Salman Khan) apologises, then the matter will end. Salman is arrogant, Moosewala was also like that. The ego of Salman Khan is bigger than Ravana. He had conveyed his message to Salman Khan through the Mumbai Police. On being linked with many singers, Bishnoi said that I had met Mankirat Aulakh only once or twice during college.

“The news of Goldie Brar’s arrest is wrong”

Regarding Waris Punjab de chief Amritpal Singh, Lawrence Bishnoi said that Amritpal does not have any issue. He has his own shop, we have ours. On the murder of Musewala, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi said that Goldie has done whatever he did. The talk of Goldie Brar being caught in America is not correct. Goldie told me that no one has caught him. I do not know where Goldie is now. Moosewala used to hang out with gangsters, protect our rival gangs.

What did Jaggu say on the rift with the Bhagwanpuria gang?

On the rift between the gang war and the Jaggu Bhagwanpuria gang in jail, Bishnoi said that he had beaten up one of our boys. Even after this we kept patience and did nothing, but the boys of his gang again beat up our boy, he himself had come to fight. During the murder of Moosewala, we got our men to stay at Jaggu’s place. Jaggu had met the Punjab Police. Relations with Jaggu deteriorated after the Attari encounter. We do not agree with Jaggu even regarding the drug trade. We are against drugs.

How can we talk from jail?

On talking on the phone from the jail, Bishnoi said that phones are thrown inside through the wall. Incidentally, when I spoke to you, it was night time and no policeman was around. I want to come out of jail. I do not have the protection of any leader or officer. We don’t have to fight with the police. Referring to UP, Bishnoi said that earlier criminals used to get protection in UP, now bulldozers are running on houses, so don’t know about now.

“I will complete the race like Paan Singh Tomar”

The gangster said that I do not have money, I do not take any supari. I haven’t done anything wrong, I am in jail for 9 years in a college case. Bishnoi said that the way Paan Singh Tomar had said that if he has started the race, he will complete it, similarly it is ours, I will also complete the race. On the apprehension of his murder, Lawrence said that I am sitting assuming that he is living in the name of God.

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