Nagaur New: 15 days free cricket training will be given in Nagaur, players of this age group can participate

Report: Krishna Kumar
If you play cricket and want to make a future in cricket, then free cricket training will be given for 15 days at Nagaur Stadium. Actually, for children and youth who are interested in cricket or want to make a career, under the direction of Rajasthan Cricket Association, players will be given summer free cricket training by Nagaur District Cricket Association. During this, if any player has any kind of deficiency in his game, then he will also be rectified.

Nagaur District Cricket Association’s secretary Rajendra Nandhu told that this training will be given from May 16 to 30 at the state stadium. The purpose of giving this training is that the player can improve his game so that his way of playing can be improved. During this, technical training will also be given to the players. The players will be trained by experienced senior coaches.

Rajendra Nandhu said that players of 14, 16 and 19 years of age can participate in this free cricket training. They will have to reach the stadium on May 16 at 7 am. Players brought with them 8th, 10th or 12th passed players board class and other last class mark sheet for Aadhaar card copy and date of birth. During this, players will also be given information about the game, how to play the game Is. How to use power in big heat ie shot.

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