New system of railways, how many seats are vacant in which bogie? Information will be available even after chart preparation

Indian Railways Confirm Ticket Booking: Indian Railways is going to add a new feature. Soon passengers with waiting tickets will be able to easily know how many seats are vacant in which bogie. With this facility of the railway, it will be easier for passengers to get confirmed tickets. With the help of this feature, Railways will send the list of vacant seats on the mobiles of the passengers.

According to the information given by the Railways, this facility can start in the next three months. The process of adding new features is starting. Under this new system, the passengers who book tickets from IRCTC website will get the opportunity to choose the gate train chart. After this, information about vacant seats will be available by opening the link of the message sent by IRCTC.

what can you check

After the arrival of the message, after opening the passenger link, they will be able to know in which train they are traveling and how many seats are vacant there. Along with this, you will also be able to know in which category the seats are vacant. As per railway rules, these tickets will be distributed on first come and first serve basis. Bhaskar’s report states that the fee for this service can range from Rs 5 to Rs 10 or can be zero.

Still vacant seat can be traced

If you still want to find out the vacant seat, then you have to go to the IRCTC website. Here the information about the vacant seat can be found through the gate train chart. Although there was no facility to send the details of vacant seats on the mobile of the passengers, but now this feature will also be possible.

how will work

  • While booking tickets on the IRCTC website, you will have to choose the chart or vacancy option below
  • Then after filling the details of the passenger, click on the Gate Chart option.
  • One has to choose the option of Get Alert via SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Now if your seat is not confirmed then that information will also be given.
  • You can book seats by checking the vacant seats.

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