New York Diwali Holiday: Diwali will be a government holiday in America! Proposal presented in New York State Assembly, law will be implemented after approval


A decision on the bill is expected on June 8, the last day of the legislative session.
This is being done to recognize the rich and diverse culture of New York.
There is a demand for holiday in New York City schools on Diwali

New York. Due to the growing influence of people of Indian origin in America, preparations are on to declare Diwali, India’s biggest festival, as a government holiday there. A proposal has been presented in the New York Assembly regarding this. After which the possibility of declaring a holiday on Diwali is being expressed. With this declaring Diwali as a formal holiday, the years-long efforts of many senators will be successful. Diwali as well as in New York lunar new year It has also been proposed to give official holidays on Lunar New Year.

New York Assembly Speaker Carl Hastie said in a statement on Wednesday that it is important to recognize New York’s rich and diverse culture. He also said that New York This is being done to give recognition to the rich and diverse culture of India.

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He said that therefore, it is the endeavor of the Assembly to declare the Lunar New Year and Diwali holidays in the State of New York before the close of our legislative session. We will continue to discuss with the stakeholders about the changes that can be made in the annual calendar of the school. A decision in this regard is expected on June 8, the last day of the legislative session.

It is said that the session of the New York Assembly will continue till June 8. Efforts are being made to approve the proposal before the end of the session. This proposal has been named the Diwali Day Act, under which the Diwali holiday in New York will be declared as the 12th federally recognized holiday. This will greatly benefit the community of Indian origin living in America and they will be able to celebrate the festival of Diwali well with their family and friends.

New York Assembly member Jennifer Rajkumar and Senator Joe Addabo have demanded that Diwali be declared a holiday in New York City schools. New York State Council member Shekhar Krishnan and Councilwoman Linda Lee have also supported this proposal. Let us tell that in the Pennsylvania province of America, there is already a holiday law on Diwali.

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