Obscene homework given to children in school, asked to write articles on objectionable topics! Parents got angry on the teacher

School has always been considered a temple where children go to learn things of knowledge. Parents also have so much faith in the school, its methods and administration that they never question the things of the school. But what will happen when the teacher in the school starts teaching objectionable things to the little children! Recently such an incident was witnessed in a school in America which shocked everyone. In a school, children were asked to write articles on vulgar (Vulgar homework given to high school students) subject, seeing which the parents were shocked and they took out all their anger on the teacher.

New York Post website report According to the US, there is a city named Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) in the state of Oregon. Churchill High School in this city has become the subject of much discussion in recent times. The reason is a homework given to the children in this school (inappropriate assignment given to kids). Whatever assignments or homework are given to school children, they are according to their age, understanding and experiences. But a controversy has arisen here by giving obscene homework to the children.

Objectionable assignment given to children
In a photo being shared on social media, an assignment has been written in which children have been asked to write an article on their romantic fantasy. This will be an article written in the form of a short story, in which students cannot mention physical relations or other obscene things, they can only mention romantic candles, music, or other types of things in their story. Through this story, he had to show that romance can be done even without making a relationship.

furious parents
Seeing such assignments for the children, the parents also became enraged. Speaking to Oregon Live, a mother named Katherine Rodgers said that the assignment given by the teacher, Kirk Miller, was embarrassing, intimidating and made her feel disgusting. Catherine said that before making such syllabus the district administration studies them, so why didn’t they read it first. He said that the administration had read it so how did it get implemented. The school has removed this assignment from the syllabus, but even before this some such assignments have been given which have been quite objectionable. When it came to the respect of the school, the principal of the school sent a letter to the parents, in which it was written that they were only following the curriculum. He told that this is a health curriculum under which such assignments are being given to the students.

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