OMG: At the age of 28, the woman became the mother of 9 children, remained pregnant for 10 consecutive years, strange case!

Being a mother is more challenging than the joy it experiences for women, because after having a child, their responsibility becomes much more. For this reason, today’s women do not want more than one child. In this era of inflation, it is difficult for them to teach, write and meet their needs, in such a situation, women cannot think of having more than 1 child, but a woman probably did not pay attention to these problems and lived for 28 years ( By the time she reached the age of Woman pregnant for 10 years), she had given birth to 9 children (Woman 9 kid by 28 years).

We are talking about Kora Duke, who lives in Las Vegas, USA. Cora, 39, lives with her 42-year-old husband, Andre Duke. These days he is in discussion on social media because by the age of 28 he had 9 children. The most strange thing is that she was pregnant for 10 consecutive years. In today’s time, where women get worried about their figure after having children, so many times they do not want to become a mother, on the other hand, Kora has maintained her figure well despite having 9 children.

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