Pakistan will have to surrender its nuclear bomb, only then will it get money from IMF? Army Chief Munir fled to China

IMF has said a big thing to Pakistan to give money. In its conditions, the IMF has said that it will have to stop the long range nuclear missile program.

You must have seen the army officers sitting on the throne of Pakistan, keeping the control in their hands by setting up a puppet government of politicians and rulers, repeatedly chanting the tune of atom bomb and giving giddhabhki. But for the first time, Pakistan, which had threatened India with a nuclear bomb, has got such a shock, which you will also be surprised to hear. You can call this a big victory of India. This thing has not remained hidden from anyone that these days Pakistan is dependent on money. The prices of flour to oil are skyrocketing. The country has no money left even to pay salaries to government officials. The politicians there are also seen complaining to other countries with a bowl of help. Everyone is assured of help, but they do not tell that when, where and how will Pakistan get this money?

The time has come to surrender the atomic bomb

Every day such news keeps coming in front that if this country has helped Pakistan with so much dollars, then this country will give the same amount of help. But even Pakistan does not know when this money will reach the banks of Pakistan. Money is needed urgently to get Pi-Pi out of the trouble of the dependent country and it can be completed with the help of IMF. IMF has said a big thing to Pakistan to give money. In its conditions, the IMF has said that it will have to stop the long range nuclear missile program. Defense budget will have to be cut by 15 percent. Wherever Chinese money has been invested under the CPEC project, it will have to be audited by a third party. IMF has also said that it will have to tax its people.

Shahbaz Sharif told unfortunate

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has responded by tweeting on the demand of the IMF. He said that the misleading speculation about Pakistan’s nuclear and missile program is unfortunate. Our nuclear and missile programs are protected by a stringent, full proof and multi-layered security cordon duly certified. Our nuclear program represents the nation’s unwavering commitment to deterrence.

Pakistan under the shelter of China

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Dr. Asad Majeed Khan is currently in China. On Friday, Majeed Khan met China’s State Counselor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang in Beijing. Not only this, Pakistan’s Army Chief Asim Munir is also going to visit China. Asim Munir is feeling that the army is getting weak in the fight between Imran and Shahbaz. According to a statement issued by Pakistan’s foreign ministry, the foreign secretary reiterated the ‘brotherhood between the two countries’ in talks with his Chinese counterpart, Geo TV reported. Majeed was quoted as saying, “Pakistan and China are brothers, reliable friends and permanent partners of peace and development.”


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