Pakistani Sufi said- ‘We fight with each other like dogs, we will not be able to get Kashmir like this’

Pakistan Sufi saint Video: Kashmir has always been a serious issue between India and Pakistan. Pakistan does not desist from chanting Kashmir at every possible forum. At the same time, India always takes a tough stand against this propaganda. In the midst of all this, Sulaiman Misbahi, a Sufi saint from Pakistan raised questions on the people of his own country. He said that the people of our country keep fighting with each other like dogs. In this way they will never be able to get Kashmir.

Pakistani Sufi saint Suleman Misbahi said in a video during the program that whatever we have done together till date, it would be better if the roof falls on us. We are fighting like dogs fighting with each other. Nobody cares where we stand.

They start fighting in mosques only – Suleman Misbahi
Suleman Misbahi, referring to an incident during a programme, raised questions only on those who believe in the religion of Islam. He said that like shameless people, some people start fighting in mosques only.

He further said that if you have this much passion to fight, then go and fight on the border of Kashmir. All these people will fight with each other. If they did not have the habit of fighting among themselves like this, then we would have got Kashmir liberated. (ABP News does not verify the video.)

Article 370 has been removed from Kashmir
Ever since India removed Article 370 and 35A from Kashmir, there has been an uproar in Pakistan. The Pakistani government has repeatedly raised the issue of abrogation of Article 370 and 35A from Kashmir on several occasions and has been befuddled every time. This time too, when Pak Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto came to India to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conference, he raised the issue of Kashmir.

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