Pakistani YouTuber justified the conversion of Hindus, said- ‘Allah is instructing them so..

Pakistan Youtuber On Hindu: When Pakistan and India were partitioned in 1947 at the time of independence, 24 percent Hindus lived in Pakistan at that time, but now the situation is completely opposite. Today less than 1 percent Hindus are left in Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistani Youtuber Nadir Ali commented on Pakistani Hindus in front of Pakistani singer Naeem Abbas in one of his shows.

Pakistani YouTuber Nadir Ali while targeting Pak Hindus said that Indian media often says that Hindus are a minority in Pakistan and their population is decreasing. He said that the population of Hindus is not decreasing, Allah is giving them instructions and people are becoming Muslims. A video related to this is also going viral. (ABP does not confirm the video)

Hindus are converted
If we talk about the condition of Hindus in Pakistan today, then it is very pathetic. There are often such news coming from Pakistan, where hundreds of Hindus are converted at once.

There Hindu girls are converted to Islam. They are coerced, that too especially to get married. According to a Human Rights Service report of Pakistan, the Hindu population in Pakistan was 15 per cent in the 1931 census, increased to 14 per cent in 1941 and reduced to 1.3 per cent in 1951 after partition.

Pakistani youtuber Nadir Ali
Pakistani YouTuber Nadir Ali runs his own YouTube show, in which he calls experts from Pakistan and tries to get their opinion on different issues. The name of his YouTube channel is Nadir YouTube. In this show, he was justifying the conversion of Pakistani Hindus. He wanted to say that whatever is being done to Hindus in Pakistan is right. For this Allah is instructing them.

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