Pathan Housefull In Bangladesh | ‘Pathan’ became houseful in Bangladesh even before its release, protests started! , Navabharat (New India)

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Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’, which created history by earning 600 crores in Bollywood, has also raised flags in Bangladesh. Today i.e. on May 12, all the tickets of this film, which was released in Bangladesh, have been sold and before the release, the board of Housefull was hanged in the cinema halls. Let us tell you that Pathan was released in 41 theaters of Bangladesh and its 198 shows will be shown daily. If sources are to be believed then all the tickets for the next two days have been sold. Pathan is the second Hindi film to release in Bangladesh after Salman Khan’s Wanted.

While the audience of Bangladesh is getting eager to watch this film, the protest against the film has also started. Bangladeshi actor and producer Manowar Hussain Dipjol objected to the release of ‘Pathan’, saying that ‘screening of Indian films in Bangladeshi cinema halls will harm the Bangladeshi film industry’. He has always opposed the screening of Indian films in Bangladesh. Earlier in February, he had also criticized the Bangladeshi government for the release of this film.

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According to him, our industry is small. The intrusion of Indian films can create a crisis for our industry. However, despite all this, now the Bangladeshi government has decided that they will release 10 Indian films every year. The film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ will also be released in Bangladesh soon.

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